Seven Diesel SpA sells a wide range of spare parts for traditional system injectors, Unit Pump Injectors, electronic injector and Common Rail injectors. These parts are made exclusively in Italy. We can, in particular, provide: nozzle holders, pressure spindles, nozzle spacer, injector heat shield sleeves, injector thermal washers, nozzle retaining nuts, pressure springs, control valves and plungers, washers and service kits for injectors.

The injector, fixed on the cylinder head, sprays and atomizes fuel into the engine cylinder when required. The injector-pump assembly consists of a single set of a pumping element and a injector. In more technically advanced diesel systems, the injector acts as a sensor to measure the extent of the flow and send the information relating to it to the electronically controlled pumps.

We can provide a wide range of spare parts for repairing injectors. In particular, our parts are alternative to the original Bosch®, Delphi®, Denso® and Siemens/Continental®