The electrical spares that Seven Diesel SpA sells are produced exclusively in Italy. We can supply: solenoids, pressure regulators, thermostarters and glow plugs. Solenoids are electronically controlled stop devices which in DPC pumps are also used as a method of inserting additional fuel during cold start. The solenoids are installed in the vast majority of rotary pumps.

Pressure regulators are attached to the body of the Common Rail high pressure pump and their function is to regulate and maintain the pressure depending on the load condition of the engine. Our range includes 9 different types of pressure regulators.

Thermostarters are fitted on a wide range of commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors as well as industrial and marine engines.

Thermostarters heat the air directly into the intake manifold, thus improving the performance of the engine start-up and reducing emissions of black smoke, fuel consumption and the excessive load on the battery. Glow plugs are a start-up of compression ignition engines and incandescent elements placed near the injectors to facilitate the ignition of the fuel when the engine is cold. They light up briefly before engine start-up and perform the pre-heating in 4/7 seconds and a post-heating up to 180 seconds after the start-up occurred.