Since 1996 Seven Diesel SpA has introduced new, specific machines for the production of high quality nozzles, defined as “special” for marine and railway applications for slow speed diesel engines, with two and four strokes. Nozzles-both cooled and uncooled- for marine, stationary, mine, railway earth moving engines all belong to this category.

Material used for the nozzle body can be both cemented or nitrided steel, depending on the use. There can be coatings on the nozzle bodies, such as chrome, copper or molybden. These are all nozzles that work both with regular diesel fuel and heavy fuel. Sizes range from the small DL..T and DLF …T to bigger sizes up to 16 mm guide diameter. Our stock levels are quite satisfactory and allow us to meet our customers’ demands both in terms of quantity and delivery time.

Our nozzles can be used on many European and Japanese engines such as MAN-B&W®, Sulzer®, KHD®, Mack®, Pielstick®, Wartsila®, Yanmar® and Daihatsu®.