Seven Diesel distributes a wide range of pump elements and delivery valves.

The element is a component of the inline diesel pump and its function is to meter and deliver the metered fuel to the injectors. Element consists of two components, barrels and plungers. The plunger is matched to its barrel with high precision and grants hydraulic withhold at all pressures, even very high pressures and low engine revolutions. The plunger is precisely fitted to the barrel with very small clearance to form a perfect sealing. They must therefore be replaced as a set (barrel and plunger). Delivery valves, together with pump elements, are a component of the inline pump. Delivery valves purpose is to deliver fuel to the injectors at the exact needed time and in the quantity requested by the engine load. The delivery valve is made of a body, manufactured with a special type of steel, and a needle, in which a few longitudinal grooves are visible. These grooves allow the fuel to pass through.

We supply elements and d/valves for all types of pumps: A, CAT, GM, K, M, MW, P, PF/PFR.

Our elements and d/valves are suitable for American Bosch®, Belarus-Kamaz®, Bosch®, Caterpillar®, Delphi®, Denso®, FIAT®, Ford-Navistar®, F & M®, GM®, Lucas-Bryce®, Lucas-Simms®, Motorpal®, Sigma® e Zexel®.