In accordance with the ISO standard 9001:2008, Seven Diesel S.p.A. guarantees the high quality of its products obtained thanks to the high quality of the raw materials coming from certified European suppliers and thanks to modern and innovative production technologies. We guarantee that our products have no material or manufacturing fault that might cause motor’s damages.

Our commitment is to replace defective products. The warranty validity is 12 months from the shipping date, indicated in every piece (month and year).

Injectors and pumps, in which our products are assembled, must be inspected and installed exclusively by qualified people, following all the standards and making all the requested controls. This is the prerogative for our warranty to be valid.
Warranty becomes automatically invalid in the following cases:

  • Our product is used on a different application from the one indicated by the manufacturer or on modified engines, for example engines with modified control units.
  • The damage or the malfunctioning is caused by the poor quality of the fuel.
  • The use of fuels other than Diesel. Vegetable or animal derived fuels have different features from Diesel, so the warranty is invalid in case of any problem with them.

Warranty is not valid in case of regular deterioration of the product after an excessive use of the vehicle (excessive mileage), in case of engine problems that may cause the malfunctioning of injectors or pumps and finally in case of external factors (water contamination, absent cleanliness of the system, etc.).
Our warranty conditions are considered accepted by the Buyer in the purchasing moment.